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Apprenticeship History & Training Requirements
Apprenticeship training is a form of education that incorporates workplace training with technical in-school training. Since 1972, IEC has conducted apprenticeship training programs under standards approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

We encourage our men and women interested in electrical and communication careers to consider what IEC training has to offer.
What Makes IEC's Program so Successful?

* IEC's four-year program curriculum is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training.

* 144 hours of classroom training per year with lectures, demonstrations, labs, and homework, and a comprehensive final that must be passed prior to progressing to the next level.

* 2000 hours of on-the-job training per year which is administered by numerous local IEC offices nationwide.

* The nationally approved curriculum is in use nationwide by nearly 10,000 apprentices annually.

* Dedicated professional staff to assist you in moving apprentices through the program.

If you would like to join the apprenticeship program, contact us for more information. Please review
this link for our qualifications to apply for the September 2017 class.
2016 National Apprentice of the Year - Terry McDaniel
2015 National Apprentice of the Year - Albert Arteaga
2014 National Apprentice of the Year - Benny Tenorio
2013 National Apprentice of the Year - Zachariah Scott
2012 National Apprentice of the Year - David Wilke
2011 National Apprentice of the Year - Ben Morrow
2010 National Apprentice of the Year - Mauro Gonzalez
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Hunter Bakel (JMEG, LP)  was the winner of the Apprentice of the Year Competition held at the 17th Annual Barbecue Cook-Off.

Hunter will represent IEC San Antonio and compete at the 60th Annual National Convention Wire-Off competition In Phoenix, AZ in October 2017.